[SydPhil] Temporal Experience and Transformative Experience Workshop

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Sun May 17 09:51:56 AEST 2015

Workshop on Temporal and Transformative Experience

University of Sydney

Muniment Room, Main Quad, building A 14


Tuesday, June 2:

10:30am-12pm: “Remarks on Time and Experience”

Brad Skow, MIT

12-2pm: lunch


2:00-3:30pm: “Tense, Relativity, and Experience”

Antony Eagle, University of Adelaide


Wednesday, June 3:

10:30am-12pm: “How to Know You’re Present”

Ross Cameron, University of Leeds, via Skype (pre-read)

12-2pm: lunch


2-3:30pm: “Yet Another Epicurean Argument”

Meghan Sullivan, University of Notre Dame (pre-read)

3:30-4: break


4-5:30pm: “Temporal phenomenology, temporal passage, and time”

Kristie Miller, University of Sydney (pre-read)


Thursday, June 4:

10:30am-12pm: “The Experience of Time”

Carla Merino, Arizona State University, via Skype

12-2pm: lunch


2-3:30pm: “Go with the Flow”

Sam Baron, University of Sydney

3:30-4pm: break


4-5:30pm: “Experiencing the Flow of Time”

Geoff Lee, Berkeley


Friday, June 5:

10:30am-12pm: “From Here to Semp-Eternity”

Christina Van Dyke, Calvin College

12-2pm: lunch


2-3:30pm: “Modeling the Self Forward under Transformation”

Laurie Paul, University of North Carolina, via Skype

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