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Dear all

This coming Thursday Simon Varey will present the paper:

Directly Referential Definite Descriptions and Frege’s Puzzle

In this talk, I will argue that definite descriptions are directly referential expressions, in the sense of Kaplan (1980). In other words, the informational contents of utterances of definite descriptions are identical to their referents, and as such statements containing uses of definite descriptions express singular propositions. I will focus on a particular problem for this view, namely Frege’s Puzzle as presented by Salmon (1986). I will suggest that the solution to this puzzle offered by Salmon in the case of proper nouns will also apply in the case of definite descriptions. I will conclude by discussing some related problems for the view and how this solution might be adapted to address them.

As usual, papers are at 3.00 in the Muniment Room.

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