[SydPhil] UNSW Workshop on Intuitions, Mind & Language with Michael Devitt

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Workshop on Intuitions, Mind & Language
Thursday 9th April, 9am - 5.30pm
Central Lecture Block 4 UNSW

 9:00-10:00  Markos Valaris: What Reasoning Might Be
10:00-11:00  Eran Asoulin:  The Explanatory Role of Externalism
11:00-11:20   MORNING TEA
11:20-12:20  Max Rabie:  Making Sense of Donnellan's
Referential/Attributive Distintion
12:20-13:20   LUNCH
13:20-14:20  Stephen Hetherington: Are Gettier Intuitions Expressions of
14:20-15:20  Michael Devitt: Should There Still Be A Problem About the
Meaning of Proper Names? (See abstract below)
15:20-15:40   AFTERNOON TEA
15:40-16:40  Peter Slezak: Naturalizing Proper Names. The Omniscient
16:40-17:30  Michael Devitt: Responses and Discussion

Keynote Lecture: Michael Devitt
Should there still be a problem about the meaning of proper names?

What determines the reference of a proper name? What is the meaning of a
proper name? Saul Kripke presented a radically new “picture” in answer to
the reference question but Andrea Bianchi claims that “forty years later,
we do not possess a fully blown theory built on his picture.” Kripke did
not answer the meaning question but many influenced by him have adopted
“direct reference.” My own answer was that a name’s meaning is its causal
mode of reference. This strikes many as a shocking idea. I argued that it
should not be.

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