[SydPhil] MQ Philosophy Seminar: Richard Menary

Rachael Brown rachael.brown at mq.edu.au
Sun Mar 22 21:10:00 AEDT 2015

Please note the following upcoming event as part of the Macquarie
University Philosophy Work in Progress Seminar Series.

Pragmatism and the Pragmatic Turn in Cognitive Science

Richard Menary (Macquarie)
Tuesday 24th March, 1-2pm
W3A Rm 501 (Blackshield Room)

This paper will examine the conceptual background to “the pragmatic turn”,
particularly by articulating some of the central principles of a
classically pragmatist approach to cognition and showing how they are still
relevant to contemporary cognitive science (and its pragmatic turn). I do
so by developing three principles of a pragmatist approach to cognition,
derived from the work of the classical pragmatists as well as contemporary
pragmatist approaches to cognition. These are: 1. Cognition develops via
exploratory inference, 2. Thinking is structured by the interaction of an
organism with its environment, 3. Inquiry begins with genuinely irritating
doubts that arise in a situation. I then discuss the relationship between
Peirce’s conception of abduction and Bayesian approaches to inference.

Feel free to bring your lunch. Bring a coffee mug if you would like a tea
or coffee.

Contact: Rachael Brown (rachael.brown at mq.edu.au), Paul Formosa (
paul.formosa at mq.edu.au), Mike Olson (michael.olson at mq.edu.au)

A google calendar with details of other events in this series is available
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