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*Memory Day 2014Memory, History, Ritual: Personal and Social
PerspectivesDepartment of Cognitive Science and the ARC Centre of
Excellence in Cognition and its DisordersMacquarie University*

Registration is now open and full program available:

*Please note separate registration for the conference and the public

*Please circulate to your networks*
*Wednesday 3 December and Thursday 4 December 2014*

Memory Day is an annual interdisciplinary showcase of research and
scholarship on memory, hosted by Professor John Sutton and Professor Amanda
Barnier's Collective Cognition Team at Macquarie University.

This year's exciting program focuses on the intersection of individual and
social memories, histories and rituals. It will feature:
*Keynote Addresses by:*
- Cognitive psychologist, Professor Norman Brown (University of Alberta,
Canada; https://www.ualberta.ca/~nrbrown/) on the relationship between
autobiographical memory, public events and historical periods (the "Living
in History" effect); Wed morning, 3 December
- English scholar, Professor Evelyn Tribble (University of Otago, New
http://www.otago.ac.nz/englishlinguistics/english/staff/tribble.html) on
ecologies of skill and memory in history; Thu morning, 4 December

*A Public Lecture by:* Social anthropologist, Professor Harvey Whitehouse
(University of Oxford, England;
on ritual, community and conflict; Wed evening, 3 December
Professor Whitehouse is Chair of Social Anthropology and Director of the
Institute of Cognition and Culture at the University of Oxford. His
doctoral research at Cambridge was based on two years of ethnographic
research in Papua New Guinea in the late eighties, focused on the role of
ritual in binding groups together. Since then he has been studying the role
of ritual in the evolution of social complexity using a wide range of
research methods including carefully controlled experiments, surveys,
databases, and computational models.

*And presentations by:*
PhD students, postdoctoral fellows, early career researchers and other
staff, members of the Collective Cognition Team as well as collaborators
and colleagues from across and beyond Macquarie and within and across

All welcome! More details will follow re registration. In the meantime,
please put Memory Day 2014 into your calendars and forward this message
within your networks!

With thanks from the Organising Committee
John Sutton, Amanda Barnier, Chris McCarroll, and Celia Harris

Celia B. Harris, PhD
Macquarie University Research Fellow

Department of Cognitive Science and ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition
and its Disorders (CCD)
Macquarie University
Sydney NSW 2109

Phone: +61 2 9850 4066
Email: celia.harris at mq.edu.au
Web: www.cogsci.mq.edu.au

Professor John Sutton
Deputy Head, Department of Cognitive Science
Macquarie University, Sydney,
NSW 2109, Australia
Phone: +61 (0)2 9850 4132
Email: john.sutton at mq.edu.au
URL: http://www.johnsutton.net/
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