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Doing Philosophy: From Metaphysics to Ethics

A Workshop in Honour of Frank Jackson

Frank Jackson is one of Australia’s most important philosophers. In a
career spaning over 40 years, Jackson has published papers and books in
areas as diverse as philosophy of mind, epistemology, philosophy of
language, metaphysics, ethics and meta-ethics. He is well known for the
breadth of his influential views in these areas, and he is also associated
with very important views on the methodology of philosophy and conceptual
analysis. He delivered the Locke lectures in 1995 and was awarded the Order
of Australia for services to philosophy in 2006. He is a vital voice in
Australasian philosophy. This workshop has been organised in his honour, to
discuss a range of papers by people from different career stages with whom
he has worked, or who have addressed his work in theirs. We’ll also include
a plenary discussion of views about how philosophy should be done, and what
influence Jackson has had on these views.


Frank Jackson (Australian National University)

Peter Railton (University of Michigan)

David Plunkett (Dartmouth College)

Fred Kroon (University of Auckland)

Denis Robinson (University of Auckland)

Daniel Nolan (Australian National University)

Daniel Stoljar (Australian National University)

Laura Schroeter (University of Melbourne)

Mark Colyvan (University of Sydney)

and a plenary discussion introduced by:

David Braddon-Mitchell (University of Sydney)

Date: 16th - 17th December 2014

Venue: Solar Springs Retreat

96 Osborn Ave, Bundanoon NSW


Places are limited so please express interest to
frankjacksonworkshop at gmail.com as early as possible. We will inform you if
we have a place for you as soon as we can. Graduate students are asked to
include a paragraph on what they are doing and why they are interested in
the workshop. Attendance fees are $40 ($20 for students) and include the
cost of a workshop dinner.
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