[SydPhil] 5th Cinematic Thinking Workshop: Cinema's Realisms, UNSW Sydney, Nov 14. 17-18

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Dear All,

The following item may be of interest:

*5th Cinematic Thinking Workshop *

*Cinema’s Realisms*

*University of New South Wales *

*November 14, 17, 18, 2014*

*Room 327, Robert Webster Building, UNSW, Kensington Sydney NSW*

<http://www.facilities.unsw.edu.au/getting-uni/campus-maps>) *

*Friday 14th November*

10.30-11:00: Coffee and Welcome

11.00-12.00: *Lisabeth During*, The Realism Wars

12.00-1.00: *Richard Rushton*, On Deleuze and Metz: Signification and the
Real in Cinema

*1.00-2.00: Lunch*

2.00-3.00: *Damian Cox*, Spectator-Based Theory of Cinematic Realism

*3.00-3.30 Afternoon tea*

3.30-4.30: *David Macarthur*, A Critique of Cavell’s Cinematic Realism:
Another Route to the Skeptical Condition of Film

4.30-5.30: *Philip Martin*, “You Can (Not) Believe”: Anime-Worlds and the
Question of Animetic Realism from *Evangelion* to the *Monogatari* Series


*Monday 17th November*

09.00-10:00: *George Kouvaros, *‘It’s Not Quite Right Yet’: Realism and
Affect in *A Woman Under the Influence *and *A Nos Amours*

10.00-11.00: *Saige Walton*, Film Realism and Rhythm: Apprehending *Stranger
by the Lake*

*1**1.00-11.30: Morning tea*

11.30-12.30: *Jane Stadler*, Felt Realities: Phenomenology, Experiential
Realism, and Sound Effects

12.30-1.30: *Tara Forrest*, The Anti-Realism of Feelings: Alexander Kluge’s
Political Realist Aesthetic

*1.30-215: Lunch*

2.15-3.15: *Rex Butler*, The Real of the Spirit/The Spirit of the Real

3.15-4.15: *Sigi Jöttkandt*, Mimesis and Mimicry in Nabokov: The ‘Reel’
Life of Sebastian Knight

*4.15-4.30: Afternoon tea*

 4.30-5.30: *James Phillips, *Anti-Oedipus: The Ethics of Performance and
Misrecognition in Matsumoto Toshio’s *Funeral Parade of Roses*

5.30-6.30: *Greg Hainge*, Realism, Relativity and (R)egress.


*Tuesday 18th November*

09.00-10:00: *Richard Smith, *Belief, Perception, Cognition: Bazin and the
new sciences of cinema

10.00-11.00: *Jenny McMahon,* Shaping Experience Upstream: Film and the
Conditions for Realism

*11.00-11.30: Morning tea*

11.30-12.30: *Marguerite La Caze*, Realism as resistance: The case of

12.30-1.30 *Hamish Ford, *Realism Reconceived: Altman’s Challenge

*1.30-215: Lunch*

2.15-3.15 *Kenta MacGrath, *Beyond Slow: The Problem of Realism in
Contemporary Minimalist Cinema

315-4.15:* Mathew Abbott, *The Realism of Artifice: On Kiarostami’s *Five*

*4.15-4.30: Afternoon tea*

4.30-5.30 *Julian Murphet*, Labour, Reality, Cinema


6.00-7.30: *Robert Pippin, *Psychology Degree Zero: On the Representation
of Action in the Films of the Dardenne Brothers. *Venue: Tyree Room, John
Niland Scientia Building, UNSW Kensington (map ref G19) *To attend this
last talk please register separately through the following website:

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