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Title: Luke Russell, Sydney
Forgiving While Punishing

Forgiving is admired and encouraged by many people, and by many  
philosophers. But what should we say about cases in which forgiving seems  
to be undeserved by the perpetrator, and dangerous for the victim and for  
other members of the community? For instance, could it really be morally  
permissible to forgive an unreformed repeat offender? Advocates of  
forgiveness typically respond to this by distinguishing forgiveness from  
mercy, and by maintaining that the victim can forgive the perpetrator while  
still endorsing the continued punishment of the perpetrator. In this paper  
I ask whether forgiving is compatible with punishing, or whether  
forgiveness is at least sometimes incompatible with continued punishment,  
and, on these grounds, is sometimes morally wrong.

***Following the seminar, Luke's book, Evil: A Philosophical Investigation,  
will be launched at Gleebooks (6pm). All welcome! RSVP:  

When: Wed 15 Oct 2014 15:30 - 17:00 Eastern Time - Melbourne, Sydney
Where: Muniment Room, Main Quad, University of Sydney
Calendar: Seminars
     * Dalia Nassar- creator

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