[SydPhil] {Philosophy at UWS seminar] 15 October - Jean-Philippe Deranty: Lost paradigm: the fate of work in post-war French philosophy

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Philosophy at UWS presents A Research Seminar with
Jean-Philippe Deranty<http://www.uws.edu.au/philosophy/philosophy@uws/events/research_seminars_2014/jean-philippe_deranty>
Lost paradigm: the fate of work in post-war French philosophy

DATE/TIME: Wednesday, 15 October, 3.30pm-5.00pm (Please note a change of date due to unforeseen circumstances)

PLACE: University of Western Sydney, Bankstown Campus, Building 3, Room 3.G.27  [How to get to Bankstown Campus] http://www.uws.edu.au/campuses_structure/cas/campuses/bankstown
All welcome
ABSTRACT: In this paper, I try to substantiate the claim that a major theoretical stake in the great shift that occurred in post-war French philosophy with the emergence of structuralism, was the conceptual place occupied by work. I show the ways in which work functioned as a paradigm in the decades immediately preceding the structuralist wave, well beyond its immediate significance as a social determinant of politics. I then try to identify key moments in structuralist and post-structuralist literature in which the disappearance of the work paradigm is particularly striking. Finally, I ask what gets lost with the disappearance of the work paradigm and under what conditions work could become philosophically central once again.

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