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Dear all,

Tomorrow’s current project (3.00-4.30) in the Muniment Room is Mauro Dorato who will be presenting:

The passage of time between physics and philosophy

Einstein once said to Carnap that he was worried by the fact that the now could have no role in physics, despite its importance in our lives. The main aim of my talk is to defend the objectivity of the passage of time without invoking any form of presentism (the view that only the present is real). In my talk I will defend two claims

 1) From the physical point of view, the passage of time consists in an irreversible, local and o ​b​j​​ective succession of events. 2) This succession is integrated at various temporal scales by the brain, and as a result our experience of the present possesses a certain temporal extension. By putting together 1 and 2, I will show that the main beliefs that lead us to believe in presentism are ungrounded, and conclude that presentism has no future.

Associate Professor Kristie Miller
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The Centre for Time
The University of Sydney
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