[SydPhil] SHAPE this week: Dennis Schmidt (Penn State), Fri 15th Aug, 10.30am

David Macarthur david.macarthur at sydney.edu.au
Tue Aug 12 11:20:11 AEST 2014

Dear All,
This week’s SHAPE seminar will be presented by Dennis Schmidt (Penn State) who is in Australia courtesy of Philosophy at UWS.

Title: "The Garden of Letters"

This paper addresses itself those scenes and discussions in Plato’s Phaedrus that either
concern a text actually present and being read or concern the character of reading itself.
There are three aims guiding this paper: first, to raise the question of reading as a serious
matter that cannot be fully accommodated in discussions of writing; second, to highlight
dimensions of the Phaedrus that are typically neglected; and third, to point to the conclusion
that there is a wide significance to the question of reading, one that points to the
way in which words shape who we are.  With regard to this final aim, I draw out Socrates'
description of reading as like a garden of letters.

Time: Fri Aug 15, 10.30am

Place: Muniment Room, S401 – under the central clock tower, level 1, Main Quad, USyd.


Dr. David Macarthur | Senior Lecturer & UG Coordinator
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