[SydPhil] Reading group - formal philosophy

N.J.J. Smith nicholas.smith at sydney.edu.au
Sat Jul 26 13:47:42 AEST 2014

Dear all,

Here are the details for the next meeting of the reading group in formal philosophy:

When: Friday 1 August, 2-4pm

Where (note new room): Room S422, Main Quadrangle, University of Sydney

D. Zaitsev and Y. Shramko
`Bi-facial Truth: a Case for Generalized Truth Values'
Studia Logica (2013) 101: 1299-1318
Abstract: We explore a possibility of generalization of classical truth values by distinguishing between their ontological and epistemic aspects and combining these aspects within a joint semantical framework. The outcome is four generalized classical truth values implemented by Cartesian product of two sets of classical truth values, where each generalized value comprises both ontological and epistemic components. This allows one to define two unary twin connectives that can be called ``semi-classical negations''. Each of these negations deals only with one of the above mentioned components, and they may be of use for a logical reconstruction of argumentative reasoning.


Hope to see you there!

Nick and Sebastian



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