[SydPhil] Presentation: Is Fear of Truth holding Mankind back? by Robert Salisbury

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Tusday, August 5,2014. 7:00pm.
Imperial Hotel Paddington
Level 1, 252 Oxford Street, Sydney

 Is Fear of Truth holding Mankind back? by Robert Salisbury

Does Man's fear of truth, prevent him from embracing enlightenment? Is our inability to accept reality, stopping us from achieving what we are otherwise capable of?

I am not talking about buying more products, or achieving greater financial success. But about more people, the majority, experiencing life with more time and freedom to explore our interests, friendships, relationships and innermost desires. To reach a deeper understanding of, and realization, of all we could and should be: to live out, who we are.

We are an intelligent race of mammals. Special. There can be no doubt that on this planet, Mankind, is the most extraordinary of life forms. And although the rate of change in our social, commercial, scientific and physiological being is accelerating, we remain capable and prone to extraordinarily stupidity. We allow appalling injustices, terrible inequalities and sanction, by our own inactions, breathe taking liberties to be taken by one group over another.

Robert's background: 

Born in Birmingham England, 1964, Robert Salisbury started his career as a Telecommunications Technician but moved over to Sales, Advertising and eventually onto a finance career in London's share markets. He worked in Los Angeles and Japan before settling with his wife and two children in Manly Beach Australia, where he runs a Property company.

His community work includes a radio show about books and the ideas within them. He has been a lifelong composer of music, [having written the music and songbook to 'Peter de Bermingham'] and is passionate about writing, having founded the Manly Writers Group in 2007.

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