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Workshop - Ethics in the Field

*Venue: Macquarie UniversityTime: Friday 1 August, 9:20 - 17:00*

The idea of 'field philosophy' has emerged as a response to calls for
academic philosophy to become more relevant to so-called 'real-world'
problems. Field philosophy aims to "begin with problems faced by
nonphilosophic actors in real-world settings and seek to make contributions
deemed successful according to more-than-disciplinary standards" (Robert
Frodeman, Adam Briggle, and J. Britt Holbrook, 2012, "Philosophy in the Age
of Neoliberalism," *Social Epistemology*, 26:3-4, 3-11-330, p.324).

Participants in the workshop, "Ethics in the Field," will include Professor
Robert Frodeman (a pioneer in field philosophy), Professor Rachel Ankeny of
the University of Adelaide, as well as other scholars working (frequently
unconsciously) in field philosophy, e.g., bioethics (animal, medical,
clinical, and surgical ethics), research ethics and environmental
humanities. Topics discussed will revolve around how to do field philosophy
successfully, e.g., how to identify relevant problems, engage across
disciplines, attract funding, communicate results to a variety of
audiences, and impact public policy.

Registration is free though places are limited. If you would like to attend
please email Swantje - swantje.lorrimer-mohr at mq.edu.au

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