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The UNSW Network for Interdisciplinary Studies of Law
invites you to attend
an evening seminar:

Peter Goodrich


Legal Emblems and the Art of Law:
Obiter Depicta as the Vision of Governance

THURSDAY, 3 July, 2014
Dean's Board Room
2nd Floor

DRINKS: 5.30 - 6.00 pm
Would those interested in attending the seminar please let Martin Krygier (m.krygier at unsw.edu.au<mailto:m.krygier at unsw.edu.au>) know ahead of time.

The visiocratic regime of common law, what Sir Edward Coke termed the visial lines of legal authority and authorship, the emblematic tomes, tombs and tables of juridical knowledge date back to the early modern era. The modern common law was forged during the Reformation war of images and the verba visibilia, the visible words of law gained a peculiar and distinctive expression in the legal emblem books of the period. Law took a pictorial turn, it instated a visual frame and structure, an admixture of images and words that persists to the present day. The pictures are so familiar as to be pretty much unconscious -- justice blindfolded, the temple of law, the thrones and portraits, the agon of trial, the amity of agreement, the library lexicon of legalities, the columns, the books, the judicial robe, no need to go on. Now the spectacle of law goes digital and in a multi-media presentation, lacking only song and dance from the orator himself, the dogmatic roots of the contemporary dispersion of law will be reframed.

Peter Goodrich is Professor of Law and Director of the Program in Law and Humanities, Cardozo School of Law, New York. He was formerly Corporation of London Professor of Law, and founding Dean of Birkbeck Law School, University of London. His previous books include Reading the Law (1986); Legal Discourse (1992); Oedipus Lex (1996); and more recently Laws of Love (2006) and, edited with Christian Delage, The Scene of the Mass Crime: History, Film and International Tribunals (2012). Forthcoming are Lex amicitia: Amity and Animosity in the Academy; and Obiter depicta: Legal Emblems and the Art of Justice. He is also co-author and co-producer of the award-winning feature documentary, Auf Wiedersehen: 'Til We Meet Again (Diskin Films, 2011).

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