[SydPhil] SHAPE seminar this Fri, May 23, 10.30am: Lloyd Reinhardt

David Macarthur david.macarthur at sydney.edu.au
Mon May 19 17:55:54 AEST 2014

This week’s SHAPE seminar will be presented by Lloyd Reinhardt (formerly USyd) whose talk is titled “Count No Man Happy until he is Dead”

‘Count no man happy until he is dead’: Solon
‘What you don’ t know can’t hurt you’: A commonplace

My talk takes up the obvious inconsistency there, the issue,
of whether and how much a life’s sense or worth can be
blighted or devastated by recognizing illusion, self-deception,
or other kinds of error  or mistake.

Time: Fri May 23, 10.30am

Place: Muniment Room, S401 (under the central clock tower, level 1, Main Quad, USyd)


Dr. David Macarthur | Senior Lecturer & UG Coordinator
Philosophy Department, SOPHI | FASS
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