[SydPhil] SAT 17 MAY FORUM

Nada Gergich nada_gergich at yahoo.com.au
Thu May 8 10:11:09 AEST 2014

Hi, we may be able to come up from Sydney to your forum on 17 May, can you please tell us what time it starts and finishes?  Thankyou, cheers, Nada and Rod

On Saturday May 17th,           Emeritus Professor Brain Ellis from La Trobe University in          Melbourne  will address          the Blackheath Philosophy Forum on a new way of looking at the          Welfare State which avoids the pitfalls of Left and Right.  He calls his approach          'Social Humanism', a synthesis of moral and political          philosophy.  
The Blackheath          Philosophy Forum's 2014 season of nine talks is held on          Saturdays  fortnightlyfrom 4pm-6pm at the          Blackheath Community Centre, corner Gardiner Crescent and the          Great Western Highway.
$10 admission includes a        big afternoon tea.  All        Welcome!
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