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Title: Dana Goswick, Melbourne
'Why Being Necessary Really Isn't the Same As Being Not Possibly Not'

Abstract: In standard modal logic, □ ≡ ~◊~ and ◊ ≡ ~□~.  In standard  
tense-logic, where □ is taken to stand for "at all times" and ◊ is taken to  
stand for "at some time", these equivalences are also taken to hold.  In  
Time and Modality, Arthur Prior argues that -- despite their prima facie  
plausibility -- these equivalences fail to hold.  In particular, he argues  
that not some time not is weaker than at all times and that not at all  
times not is weaker than at some time.  I'll, first, examine the motivation  
for and plausibility of Prior's rejection of the standard equivalences.   
Then, I'll present analogous motivations for adopting a modal logic which  
denies these standard equivalences, and examine the plausibility of such a  
non-standard modal logic.
When: Wed 7 May 2014 15:30 – 17:30 Eastern Time - Melbourne, Sydney
Where: Muniment Room, Quadrangle
Calendar: Seminars
     * Dalia Nassar- creator

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