[SydPhil] Sydney HPS talk, April 28. Sebastian Sequoiah-Grayson

Dominic Murphy dominic.murphy at sydney.edu.au
Thu Apr 24 16:38:48 AEST 2014

Title: KK is not OK.

Room 450, Carslaw: 4.15-5.45.

All welcome

Abstract: We introduce the KK principle along with the well-known dilemma it poses for theories of knowledge. We then explore a recent attempt by Daniel Greco to avoid this dilemma via an epistemic contextualism. We will give reasons for rejecting Greco's contextualism, along with his attempt to avoid the KK principle dilemma. In place of Greco's contextualism will be a theory of knowledge with both a more plausible account of the abominable conjunctions cases, and good reasons for rejecting any interesting versions of the KK principle.

Keywords: contextualism, epistemic closure, Greco, KK principle, logical omniscience, propositional attitudes.

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