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Title: Matthias Schirn, Munich
The True and the truth about is true. A critical examination of Frege's  

What Frege has bequeathed to us regarding the concept of truth is not a  
homogeneous, coherent and systematically worked out conception. It is  
rather an agglomeration of remarks, scattered throughout several of his  
writings, on the nature of judgement and assertion, the conception of the  
two truth-values the True and the False as the references of assertoric  
sentences (as objects), the relation of a (true) thought to the True, the  
role and the purportedly unique sense of the word "true" and its alleged  
redundancy on the level of both sense and assertion, the characterization  
of logic as the science of the most general laws of truth, the  
"truth-conditional" approach concerning the semantics of his formal  
language -- to mention some issues, but not all.

When: Wed 12 Mar 2014 15:30 - 17:30 Eastern Time - Melbourne, Sydney
Where: Muniment Room, Quadrangle
Calendar: Seminars
     * Dalia Nassar- creator

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