[SydPhil] Public lecture by Professor Manfred Frank: Early German Romanticism - So what is it? UNSW, March 12, 6pm (RSVP!)

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‘Early German Romanticism – So what is it?’
Public lecture by Professor Manfred Frank (RSVP)
12 Mar 2014, 6pm - 7:30pm
Tyree Room, John Niland Scientia Building, UNSW Kensington (map ref G19)
Organized by UNSW Arts & Social Sciences
Registration here: https://www.arts.unsw.edu.au/events/so-what-lecture-professor-manfred-frank/

There is a long-standing prejudice that early romantic philosophy developed in the footsteps of Fichtean foundationalism, and that it was uncritical of the totalitarian seizure of power of subjectivity over Being or Difference allegedly characteristic of J.G. Fichte’s thought. Drawing on the recently developed research method of ‘Constellation Research’, this lecture shows that in fact Early Romanticism was skeptical about foundationalist pretensions, respectful of subjectivity without promoting it into a ‘highest point of philosophy’, ironical with regard to ultimate knowledge claims, ontologically realistic, and in general more modern than so far thought.

Manfred Frank is Emeritus Professor of philosophy at the Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen and member of the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences. His work focuses on early German idealism and romanticism, theories of self-consciousness, hermeneutics, theory of literature, aesthetics, and contemporary French philosophy. Among his many books are What Is Neostructuralism? (1984), the 950-page study of German romanticism Unendliche Annäherung (1997), The Subject and the Text: Essays on Literary Theory and Philosophy (1997), The Boundaries of Agreement (2005) and The Philosophical Foundations of Early German Romanticism (2004).

This lecture is co-sponsored by the Sydney Intellectual History Network at the University of Sydney,sydney.edu.au/intellectual-history/<http://sydney.edu.au/intellectual-history/>

See also the conference 'Nature and Spirit in German Romanticism and Idealism' at UNSW Australia and University of Sydney, March 12-14

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