[SydPhil] Philip Pettit in the UNSW 'So what?' Lecture Series (25 Feb): "Corporate Persons, Commercial, Ecclesiastical, and Political"

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The Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences at UNSW is pleased to offer So, what? Public Lectures in contemporary humanities and social sciences.
Professor Philip Pettit
Corporate Persons, Commercial, Ecclesiastical, and Political
Tuesday 25 February, 6pm

[Philip Pettit]

Abstract: Why should incorporated bodies count as legal persons? And what rights and responsibilities should they have? Should they enjoy rights that may trump the rights of individuals? Should they be able to compete with individuals for political influence? Should they be held responsible for the wrongdoing of their members or agents? And do such questions call for similar answers with corporate persons as different as companies, unions, churches, parties and states? The philosophy of incorporation, shaped by Roman jurists, a Papal bull and the South Sea Bubble, may help to shed some light on these issues.

Biography: Philip Pettit is L.S. Rockefeller University Professor of Politics and Human Values at Princeton, and Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the ANU. His books include Republicanism (1997), The Economy of Esteem (2004), with G.Brennan; Group Agency (2011) with C. List; On the People’s Terms (2012); and Just Freedom (2014). He is a Fellow of the Australian Academies of Humanities and Social Sciences as well as the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the British Academy and the Royal Irish Academy. Common Minds: Themes from the Philosophy of Philip Pettit, ed G.Brennan et al, appeared from OUP in 2007.

For venue location details, and to RSVP, please see: https://www.arts.unsw.edu.au/about-us/community-engagement/so-what-lecture-series/
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