[SydPhil] Cinema and/as Ethics workshop, Uni of New South Wales, Dec 9-11

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The following item may be of interest:

*Cinema and/as Ethics Workshop,*
University of New South Wales
Room 327, Robert Webster Building

Dec 9 to Dec 11

The third Cinematic Thinking Network
<http://cinematicthinkingnetwork.org/> workshop is
dedicated to examining the intersection between film and ethics and the
possibility of evoking ethical experience and thinking through cinema. Much
work has been done in recent years on the relationship between film and
philosophy, and many theorists have addressed ethical topics and issues
through the critical analysis of film. But can cinema be regarded as a
medium of ethical thinking in its own right? How can contemporary
philosophical research on film address ethical questions and political
problems? Given the cultural and aesthetic power of cinema to evoke affect,
emotion, and reflection, how can film-philosophy retrieve and reinvent
concepts of belief, ethical experience, critique, and ideology in a
globalised world?

Further information about the Cinematic Thinking Network can be found
at: *http://cinematicthinkingnetwork.org

*3rd Cinematic Thinking Workshop*

*Cinema and/as Ethics*

*University of New South Wales *

*Dec 9 to Dec 11, 2013 *

*Room 327, Robert Webster Building *

*Monday Dec 09*

09.30-10:00: Coffee and Welcome

 10.00-11.00: *Robert Sinnerbrink*, *Cinematic Ethics: Film as a Medium of
Ethical Experience*

 11.00-12.00: *David Macarthur*, *Film & the Question of Acknowledgment*

 *12.00-1.30: Lunch*

 1.30-2.30: *Damian Cox*, *The Dardenne Bros and the Catastrophe of
Philosophical Ethics*

 2.30-3.30: *Lisa Trahair*, *Belief in this World: the Dardenne brothers’
The Son and Kierkegaard’s Fear and Trembling*

 *3.30-4.00 Afternoon tea*

 4.00-5.00: *Mathew Abbott*, *Ethics, Qualia, and Knowledge: On
Kiarostami’s *Ten

 5.00-6.00: *Marguerite LaCaze*, *Ethics in an unethical world: Nader and
Simin, a separation*

*Tuesday Dec 10*

09.30-10:00: Coffee

10.00-11.00: *Seung-hoon Jeong*, *Ethics of Community, Cinema of

11.00-12.00: *James Phillips*, *Tati and the Unbound Gag: Towards a
Cinematic Phenomenology of Disorientation*

*12.00-1.30: Lunch*

1.30-2.30: *Daniel Brennan*, *The Epicurean Politics of Jiri Menzel’s Films*

2.30-3.30: *Thomas E. Wartenberg*, *Amour*

*3.30-4.00: Afternoon tea*

4.00-5.00: *Hamish Ford*, *Ethical Dissatisfaction, Virtual Utopia and
Despair: Imag(in)ing Revolution with Cinema and Lefebvre*

5.00-6.00: *Angelos Koutsourakis*, *The Ethics and Politics of Negation:
Postdramatic Elements in Three German Films*

*Wednesday Dec 11*

 09.30-10:00: Coffee

 10.00-11.00: *David H. Fleming*, *Rescuing suicide via ethico-aesthetic
documentary and Deleuze*

11.00-12.00: *Teresa Rizzo*, *Without Judgment: A Feminist Reading of the
Immanent Ethics and Aesthetics in *Morvern Callar

 *12.00-1.30: Lunch*

 1.30-2.30: *Chris Falzon*, *Dirty Harry Ethics*

 2.30-3.30: *Gregory Flaxman*, *The Bressonian Touch*

 *3.30-4.00: Afternoon tea*

 4.00-5.00: *Lisabeth During*, *Goodness, Sacrifice and the World to Come:
Simone Weil works in a factory and Ingrid Bergman follows her there*

 5.00-6.00 *Matthew Sharpe*, Fearless? Peter Weir, Michel de Montaigne and
Martha Nussbaum on the Best Life for Human Beings

 6.00-6.30: Cinematic Thinking Network: Future directions

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