[SydPhil] Philo Agora 5th December, 2013

peter_bowden at usyd.edu.au peter_bowden at usyd.edu.au
Sun Dec 1 11:43:52 AEDT 2013

Philo Agora , 5th December 2013.  What have we learned? 


After eight years Philo Agora is closing down. Too many other demands. Peter
Bowden and  the other convenors will initiate with the regulars a discussion
on what have we learned after these  eight years .  A preliminary
examination suggests quite a lot . But perhaps not the ultimate answers
Over seventy talks are on the website www.philoagora.com 


If anybody wants to take on PhiloAgora in the New Year , the convenors are
willing to help in any way,, with the speaker equipment,, the website,  etc.
Contact us by email: info at philoagora.com.


Peter Bowden






Peter Bowden ( Dr.) 

peter_bowden at usyd.edu.au

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