[SydPhil] USyd Postgrad Work in Progress Talk 11/11/13

Simon Varey simonvarey at gmail.com
Fri Nov 8 12:27:35 AEDT 2013

Here are the details for the final USyd Postgrad Work in Progress talk of
the semester:

Speaker: Thomas Raysmith

Title: The problem with using 'experience' as a substantive

It is often assumed that a problem arises for those who wish to accept the
following two claims. First, we experience temporal phenomena (i.e.
succession, movement, change, and duration). Second, experiences themselves
have temporal limits such that they are either instantaneous, or extend
over only a short period of time. The problem is how to explain the first,
given the second. In this talk I consider several ways in which this
problem has been dealt with in the literature, before ultimately suggesting
that the problem itself and the attempts to solve it are in fact the
results of a puzzlement over the use of the word 'experience' as a
substantive. By getting clear on the grammar of 'experience', I argue, we
come to see that there is no obvious way to frame the problem as a
legitimate philosophical problem.

Time: 4:30pm, Mon Nov 11
Location: S401, Main Quad, University of Sydney

Hope to see you all there,
Simon Varey
Postgraduate Colloquium Co-ordinator
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