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The Institute for Democracy and Human Rights, The University of Sydney, and the University of Western Sydney are sponsoring a series of events featuring:

Professor Joseph Carens, Political Science, University of Toronto


Professor Jennifer Nedelsky, Law and Political Science, University of Toronto

1) Master Classes for Postgraduate Students, November 8, University of Sydney, 10 ­- 12 am (Prof. Nedelsky),

and 1 ­- 3 pm (Prof. Carens), FASS Boardroom, Door N300, The Quadrangle Building, University of Sydney

2) Prof. Joseph Carens, Sydney Ideas Public Lecture:

 "The Dispossessed: The Ethics of Refugee Policy"

November 11, 6 pm, University of Sydney, Law School Foyer, New Law School


3) Book Symposium:

Joseph Carens, The Ethics of Immigration (Oxford, 2013)

Participants: Prof. Stephen Castles (Sydney), Prof. Jane McAdam (UNSW), Dr. Anna Boucher (Sydney), Prof. Joseph Carens (Toronto)

November 13, 12:30 - 2:30 pm, University of Sydney, R.C. Mills Building, Room 148


4) Jennifer Nedelsky, Public Lecture, University of Sydney Law School:

"The Gendered Division of Household Labour: An Issue of Constitutional Rights"

November 14, 12:30 -­ 2 pm, Faculty Common Room, Level 4 of the New Law Building

5) Book Symposium:

Prof. Jennifer Nedelsky, Laws Relations: A Relational Theory of Self, Autonomy, and Law (Oxford, 2011)

Participants: Prof. Moira Gatens (Sydney), Prof. Kevin Walton (Sydney), A/Prof. Allison Weir (UWS)

November 15, 12:30 -­ 2:30 pm, University of Sydney, RC Mills Building, Room 148


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