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> **Call for registration to attend**
> Paternalism and Social Policy -a conference to be held at Macquarie
> University, November 8, 2013
>  “Paternalism” refers to state interference with people’s free choices in
> the name of their own good.  Since John Stuart Mill made paternalism the
> theme of *On Liberty*, the questions associated with it have been central
> to normative political theory.  These questions include: Is paternalism
> ever justified? Are some forms of paternalism especially objectionable? Are
> there forms of government protection that are not paternalistic?  Should
> conditions placed on the receipt of state benefits be considered
> paternalistic? In addressing these theoretical questions, political
> theorists have exerted influence over practical and topical debates.  The
> most recent example is Sunstein and Thaler’s *Nudge*, which advocates
> “soft” or “nudge” paternalism, and has influenced some policies of the
> Obama administration in the United States and David Cameron’s government in
> the UK.
> A single all-day workshop on paternalism and social policy will address
> these questions while considering a range of social policy issues,
> including income management in Aboriginal communities, public health
> advertising, and aging policy.
> The workshop will be held at Macquarie University in Sydney on November 8,
> 2013 at the MGSM conference facilities, Lecture Theater 101.
> **Attendance**
> Attendance is free, but numbers are limited. If you would like to register
> your interest in attending the conference then please email Margaret Meek
> Lange at: margaret.meek at gmail.com.
> **The presenters are as follows:**
> Elizabeth Ben-Ishai, Center for Law and Social Policy, Washington DC
> Shelley Bielefeld, Law, University of Western Sydney
> Stacy Carter, Public Health, University of Sydney
> Susan Dodds, Philosophy, University of Tasmania
> Catriona Mackenzie and Margaret Meek Lange, Philosophy, Macquarie
> University
> --
> *Margaret Meek Lange*
> ARC postdoctoral fellow, Macquarie University, Philosophy
> 2009 *Ph*.*D*. (*with distinction*), *Columbia* University, Political
> Theory

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