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Title: Julia Staffel
Title: Disagreement and Epistemic-Utility-Based Compromise

Epistemic utility theory seeks to establish epistemic norms by combining  
principles from decision theory and social choice theory with ways of  
determining the epistemic utility of agents’ attitudes. Recently, Moss  
(2011) has applied this strategy to the problem of finding epistemic  
compromises between disagreeing agents. She shows that the norm “form  
compromises by maximizing average expected epistemic utility”, when applied  
to agents who share the same proper epistemic utility function, yields the  
result that agents must form compromises by splitting the difference  
between their credence functions.

             However, this “split the difference” norm is in conflict with  
conditionalization, since applications of the two norms don’t commute. The  
standard response in the literature seems to be to abandon the procedure of  
splitting the difference in favor of compromise strategies that avoid  
non-commutativity. This would also entail abandoning Moss’ norm. I explore  
whether a different response is feasible. If agents can use epistemic  
utility-based considerations to agree on an order in which they will apply  
the two norms, they might be able to avoid diachronic incoherence. I show  
that this response can’t save Moss’ norm, because the agreements concerning  
the order of compromising and updating it generates are not stable over  
time, and hence cannot avoid diachronic incoherence.

When: Mon 21 Oct 2013 13:00 – 14:30 Eastern Time - Melbourne, Sydney
Where: Philosophy Common Room
Calendar: Current Projects
     * kristiemiller4 at gmail.com- creator

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