[SydPhil] Macquarie Philosophy Seminar - Paul Redding

Jane Johnson jane.johnson at mq.edu.au
Sat Oct 5 19:03:21 AEST 2013

Professor Paul Redding from the University of Sydney will give the
Macquarie Philosophy Seminar Friday 11th October 1-3pm in W6A 127. All

"An Idealist Solution to a Pragmatist Problem".
In his ambitious project of an “analytic pragmatism” Robert Brandom has
attempted to integrate ideas not only from the traditions of analytic
philosophy and pragmatism but also from Hegel’s form of idealism. One
particular aspect of his approach that has attracted criticism concerns his
treatment of perceptual knowledge, a treatment that is broadly based, like
that of his approach to pragmatism as a whole, on the work of Wilfrid
Sellars. In this paper I suggest that a key to finding a way around these
problems may lie in aspects of Hegel’s approach to perceptual judgment that
is at variance with Brandom's approach. These aspects are important in
understanding the nature of Hegel’s idealism, and its relation to that of
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