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Matthew Del Nevo mdelnevo at cis.catholic.edu.au
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Albert Camus - 26 Sep 2013, Thursday 18:30;

Associate Professor Matthew Del Nevo will give an incisive paper on the philosophy of Albert Camus followed by discussion, with refreshments.
At New Acropolis cultural association
Venue:Suite 111, Level 1 250 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000 (2 mins from Town Hall station)
email:na at acropolis.org.au<mailto:na at acropolis.org.au>  Cost $10 all proceeds go to support New Acropolis

Albert Camus was one of great humanitarians, activists and authors of the last century, writing both great fiction and a
philosophy of rebellion against what he saw as a culture of violence with global ramifications (that have come to pass).
Camus eschewed both big ideology on one hand and nihilism on the other. Born in Algeria in 1913, Camus was awarded
the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1957. He died in a tragic road accident on the Riviera in a car driven by his publisher 3
years later

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