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Fri Aug 30 11:21:04 AEST 2013

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Please join me for the book launch of Identities and Freedom (Oxford University Press 2013)

on Friday September 6, 6:30 for 7pm
at Gleebooks 49 Glebe Point Rd., Glebe NSW   rsvp (02) 9660 2333 or events at gleebooks.com.au<mailto:events at gleebooks.com.au>.

to be launched by
Moira Gatens (University of Sydney) and
Dany Celermajer (University of Sydney)

How can we think about identities in the wake of feminist critiques of identity and identity politics? In Identities and Freedom, Allison Weir rethinks conceptions of individual and collective identities in relation to freedom. Drawing on Taylor and Foucault, Butler, Zerilli, Mahmood, Mohanty, Young, and others, Weir develops a complex and nuanced account of identities that takes seriously the ways in which identity categories are bound up with power relations, with processes of subjection and exclusion, yet argues that identities are also sources of important values, and of freedom, for they are shaped and sustained by relations of interdependence and solidarity. Moving out of the paradox of identity and freedom requires understanding identities as effects of multiple contesting relations of power and relations of interdependence.


"This is a terrific book, one that stakes out an original and distinctive position in some well-worn debates, and that brings together diverse bodies of theory in an insightful and productive way. It is a real gem. It offers substantial new insights into how feminist theorists can go on in the wake of the relentless critique of the notion of identity. The book will make a significant contribution to ongoing debates in feminist theory over the vexed question of identity – a question that is absolutely central to feminist theory, and has been so for at least the last twenty years."–Amy Allen, Department of Philosophy, Dartmouth College

"This book makes great contributions to the feminist literature by reconceptualizing IDENTITY in terms of connectedness and FREEDOM in terms of practices of belonging. Through a fascinating and innovative synthesis of Michel Foucault and Charles Taylor, Weir's communitarian approach develops new arguments for the need to cultivate resistant identities and resistant communities. This impressive book is full of original ideas masterfully articulated in critical engagements with leading feminist scholars such as Saba Mahmood, Cynthia Willett, Iris Young, and Linda Zerilli. This provocative book is a must read for anyone interested in contemporary discussions of freedom, resistance, identity, and community."–José Medina, Department of Philosophy, Vanderbilt University

Allison Weir
Doctoral Program in Political and Social Thought
University of Western Sydney, Australia

Institute for Democracy and Human Rights
University of Sydney

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