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Title: Ali Navabi
  Against Boltzmann’s Brain Argument

Abstract. I set out an argument—call it the Boltzmann Brain Argument—to the  
effect that it is very likely that I am a disembodied  
brain-in-thermal-equilibrium vat with false perceptions and memories that  
have just fluctuated into being out of a state of chaos. In resisting the  
epistemic catastrophe brought about by Boltzmann Brain Argument, some  
philosophers of physics, notably Sean Carroll, have raised the early low  
entropy condition of the universe embodied in the Past Hypothesis to the  
status of a condition necessary for our knowledge of the external world. In  
this paper I attempt to dethrone the Past Hypothesis from this grandiose,  
transcendental status.  I propose two arguments, arguably independent of  
the Past Hypothesis, to evade Bolzmann’s epistemic catastrophe. One, which  
builds upon an argument by Richard Feynman, takes into account the  
orderliness of the observable portion of the universe. The other starts  
from the observation that we are carbon-based sentient life forms.
When: Mon 2 Sep 2013 13:00 – 14:30 Eastern Time - Melbourne, Sydney
Calendar: Current Projects
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