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Title: Luara Ferracioli
The Anarchist's Myth

Philosophical anarchists have made their living criticizing theories of  
state legitimacy and the duty to obey the law. The most prominent theories  
of state legitimacy have been called into doubt by the anarchist’s  
insistence that citizens’ lack of consent to the state renders the whole  
justificatory enterprise futile. Autonomy requires consent, they argue, and  
justification must respect autonomy. In this essay, I want to call into  
question the weight of consent in protecting our capacity for autonomy. I  
argue that if we care about all of the pre conditions for autonomy, then we  
have no choice but to leave the state of nature. This leaves the  
philosophical anarchist with a dilemma. If she truly cares about autonomy,  
then she must welcome the state. But if she wants to deny the legitimacy of  
the state because of the value of consent, then she needs to downplay the  
moral significance of autonomy in people’s lives. If autonomy matters, the  
state does too. If it doesn’t, then consent doesn’t. The philosophical  
anarchist can’t have it both ways.
When: Mon 26 Aug 2013 13:00 – 14:30 Eastern Time - Melbourne, Sydney
Calendar: Current Projects
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