[SydPhil] USyd Postgrad Work in Progress Talk 26/8/13

Simon Varey simonvarey at gmail.com
Wed Aug 21 09:24:17 AEST 2013

Here are the details for the next USyd Postgrad Work in Progress talk:

Speaker: Mike McLeod

Title: Logical relationships between naturalisms

Naturalism is an increasingly popular philosophical movement.  Whilst
naturalism has something to do with aligning philosophy with the sciences,
it isn't always clear how that is to be carried out.  I develop three
naturalisms; methodological, ontological, and epistemological, and look at
the relationships between these positions.  Whilst many assume that
methodological naturalism entails ontological and epistemological
naturalism, this isn't necessarily the case.

Time: 4:30pm, Mon Aug 26
Location: Philosophy Common Room, Main Quad, University of Sydney
Hope to see you all there,
Simon Varey
Postgraduate Colloquium Co-ordinator
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