[SydPhil] UNSW seminar, Tuesday 20 August: Michaelis Michael, "What’s Wrong With “The Most Telling” Argument for Paraconsistent Logic?"

Joanne Faulkner j.faulkner at unsw.edu.au
Thu Aug 15 16:04:11 AEST 2013

Date:              Tuesday 20 August
Time:              1 p.m.
Venue:           Morven Brown 309, University of NSW (map reference C20: (1.7MB)<http://www.facilities.unsw.edu.au/Maps/pdf/kensington.pdf>)

Dr Michaelis Michael (UNSW)

What’s Wrong With “The Most Telling” Argument for Paraconsistent Logic?

Priest and Tanaka (2009) present their “most telling” argument for paraconsistent logic: that only paraconsistent logics allow non-trivial inconsistent theories. This is a very prevalent argument; occurring as it does in the work of many relevant and more generally paraconsistent logicians. However this argument can be shown to be unsuccessful. There is a crucial ambiguity in the notion of non-triviality. Disambiguated the most telling reason for paraconsistent logics is either question-begging or mistaken. This highlights an important confusion about the role of logic in our development of our theories of the world. Does logic chart good reasoning or our commitments? We also consider another abductive argument for paraconsistent logics which also is shown to fail.

Dr Michaelis Michael is a senior lecturer in philosophy at the University of NSW. His research interests range from human rights, to philosophy of mind, and logic. He is currently completing a book manuscript on the conceptual and empirical aspects of the theory of natural selection.

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