[SydPhil] Philosophy Seminar at Macquarie - James Ley

Jane Johnson jane.johnson at mq.edu.au
Mon Aug 12 22:05:01 AEST 2013

This Friday 16th August James Ley of the University of Sydney will be
giving the Philosophy Department's Seminar 1-3 in W6A 127, Macquarie

All welcome.

*Meno, memory and the making relevant of ancient philosophy*

 Many contemporary accounts of the theory of recollection in Plato's
Menofollow Dominic Scott in describing the theory as 'a version of
innatism'. I
will argue that this description owes more to twentieth-century
historiographical ideas than it does to Plato's text. While it is not
possible to view Plato's text without the influence of our own
philosophical ideas and interests, I'll argue that it is better to read the
theory of recollection as a trial of ideas about the role of memory in the
acquisition of reasoned knowledge. This reading is better supported by the
text and more charitable, but must admit that some of Plato's reasons are
historically particular, and would not gain acceptance today. In offering a
reading of the history of philosophy that differs with the ideas and
interests of contemporary philosophy, I will draw on alternative reasons
for giving our attention to the history of philosophy proposed by Julia
Annas and Daniel Garber.


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