[SydPhil] USYD PHIL PG gathering

Laura MacDonald lmac7417 at uni.sydney.edu.au
Mon Aug 5 20:19:05 AEST 2013

Dear all,

In its infinite wisdom, the University of Sydney Philosophy Postgraduate Committee has entrusted me with the task of fostering a sense of USYD PG philosopher community. As such, I will be occasionally sending out emails of this nature encouraging those of you who are part of this cohort to attend various social events.

At the last committee meeting there was an official request for a gathering that was neither after-hours nor alcohol-fuelled. In accordance with this request, I propose that we have coffee/lunch in Victoria Park at 1pm on Tuesday the 20th of August. There is the Gardener's Lodge cafe in the park itself, and there are many other nearby establishments. Picnicking negates the need to find a cafe big enough to accommodate our (hopefully) large party, and allows those who so desire to bring lunch with them from home.

Date/Time : 1pm Tuesday 20th of August
Location : Victoria Park, near the Gardener's Lodge cafe

Prospective members of the USYD PG philosophy community (for instance, USYD philosophy honours students) welcome!

Laura MacDonald
University of Sydney Philosophy Postgraduate 'Social Coordinator'

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