[SydPhil] Philorum Group @ Central. 2013-08(Aug)-06 Tue. Mitigation of Blame And Punishment (Allan McCay)

John Bentley jlrbentley at yahoo.com.au
Sat Aug 3 10:59:20 AEST 2013

If one accepts (as not all do) that people are at least sometimes
blameworthy for what they do, then a further question arises: how
blameworthy are they? Sometimes a person may draw attention to factors
relating to their moral agency that they suggest makes them less blameworthy
for what they did. 

A person may claim that they are a bit, but not very blameworthy for acting
in a rude and abrupt way because they have a cold. They may suggest they are
less blameworthy for their rudeness because of the cold. In a legal setting
a person may argue that they are less blameworthy for a criminal act, and
deserving of less punishment because they experienced difficult formative
circumstances (perhaps an abusive family environment). Or they may suggest
that they deserve less blame and punishment for their crime because of a
mild mental illness that does not provide a complete excuse. 

I will consider how to evaluate claims like this. If we have decided that
someone is blameworthy for a wrong how can we decide how blameworthy they

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