[SydPhil] Warren Montag, "Conversation and Martyrdom"

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[Sydney seminar 22 ­ Conversion and Martyrdom.jpg]Sydney Seminar for the Arts and Philosophy

Conversion and Martyrdom
Warren Montag

When: Tuesday 30 July 2013, 6.00 PM to 7.30 PM
Where: Metcalfe Auditorium, Macquarie Building, State Library of New South Wales

Booking essential: www.sl.nsw.gov.au/events/events_talks/events/sydney_seminar_professor_warren_montag.html<http://www.sl.nsw.gov.au/events/events_talks/events/sydney_seminar_professor_warren_montag.html>

According to Spinoza, societies form through a mechanism of imitation. People involuntarily mimic the emotions of the others. This sharing of feelings means that the individual is always related to others. Much of Part IV of the Ethics concerns how the imitation of hatred produces self-hatred. This stages an encounter with two important forms of self-hatred: conversion and martyrdom.

Warren Montag is the Brown Family Professor of Literature at Occidental College in Los Angeles. He is the author of books on Spinoza and Althusser, the most recent of which is Althusser and His Contemporaries: Philosophy's Perpetual War (Duke University Press). He is also the editor of Décalages: a Journal of Althusser Studies.

The Sydney Seminar is organized by Philosophy at UWS (https://www.facebook.com/philosophyuws)

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