[SydPhil] Foundations of Physics Talk: 'Initial' Conditions and the Direction of Time, Matt Farr, June 6th.

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The next talk in the Sydney Foundations of Physics series is on Thursday 6th June. Details as follows.

Speaker: Matt Farr (Sydney)
Title. 'Initial' Conditions and the Direction of Time

Abstract. A central problem concerning the role of time-directed causal notions in scientific explanation is the time-symmetric nature of fundamental physics. Under reasonable assumptions, classical mechanics, quantum mechanics and relativistic quantum field theories can be taken to be symmetric under time reversal (in the latter case under the guise of combined CPT symmetry). It follows that there exist pairs of models of such theories that differ with respect to their temporal orientation that are empirically underdetermined by the relevant data, implying that for any causal (time-directed) explanation of some phenomenon, there exists an alternative model that is empirically equivalent to the first yet the causal relations are inverted. In the recent literature, multiple authors claim that there is an important time-asymmetric feature of explanation within the domain of time-reversal symmetric physical theories insofar as placing constraints on initial, rather than final, conditions offers an explanatory advantage in such cases as cosmology, statistical mechanics, classical electrodynamics, and quantum mechanics. I assess the common structure of such arguments and argue that the apparent special role of initial conditions is due to an asymmetry in the selection of data under consideration. I consider the implications of this for the wider debate on time direction in physics.

Time: Thursday 6th June, 11:30-13:00
Location: Philosophy Common Room S413, Main Quad - A14, University of Sydney.

All are welcome!

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