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Subject: CEPET colloquium: Damian Farrow, 24 May 12pm

Below are the details of the May Colloquium for CEPET, the Centre for Elite
Performance, Expertise, and Training (http://www.psy.mq.edu.au/CEPET/)

Speaker : Prof. Damian Farrow, Australian Institute of Sport and Victoria
University Melbourne
Date: Friday 24th of May 2013, 12:15PM until 1:30PM
Location : Australian Hearing Hub, 3.610, Macquarie University.

Anticipatory expertise in sport: progress and challenges in understanding
and application

This presentation will provide a brief overview of the expert performance
approach used in sports skill acquisition. The types of methods used to
study sports expertise, and the associated challenges this presents, will
be discussed with particular reference to the superior capability of
experts to use anticipation to overcome inherent time constraints that many
sports place upon perceiving and acting. Evidence will be considered in
relation to expert anticipation in interceptive sports as well as team ball
sports. The knowledge generated from these sport expertise studies will be
used to illustrate how this information can be used to develop improved
approaches to applied skill learning.

There will also be an opportunity to have lunch with Professor Farrow after
the talk, most likely at Presse Cafe in the Cochlear building. Please let
me know if you'd like to join us for lunch so I can make sure there is
enough space for everyone. Thanks

Vince Polito
Department of Psychology

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