[SydPhil] SHAPE talk this Friday May 3, 10.30am USYD

David Macarthur david.macarthur at sydney.edu.au
Tue Apr 30 20:21:29 AEST 2013

At this week’s SHAPE talk David Bronstein (Georgetown University) will be presenting a talk titled “Aristotle's Critique of Plato's Theory of Innate Knowledge”.

In the Meno (and elsewhere) Plato argues that the soul possesses latent innate knowledge, which we later 'recollect.' Plato attributes to the soul both latent innate moral knowledge (e.g. of what virtue is) and latent innate theoretical knowledge (e.g. of geometry). In the last chapter of the Posterior Analytics, B 19, Aristotle criticizes Plato's innatist theory, as it applies to theoretical knowledge. I examine closely Aristotle's main objection, arguing that it stems less from his commitment to empiricism and more from his views about the self-intimating character of certain cognitive states. I conclude by considering the issue of innatism in connection with Aristotle's theory of moral knowledge and virtue.

See his staff webpage: http://philosophy.georgetown.edu/282132.html

Time: 10.30am, Fri May 3

Place: Philosophy Common Room, Main Quad, USYD.


Dr. David Macarthur
Senior Lecturer & UG Coordinator
Philosophy Department
University of Sydney, 2006, Australia
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