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Title: Patrick Goodbourn and Alex Holcombe
Can you see two things at once?
Patrick Goodbourn & Alex Holcombe

Certain psychological phenomena, such as change blindness, have motivated  
radical scepticism about perceptual experience. People commonly report the  
simultaneous experience of many objects in a scene, yet evidence from  
experimental psychology suggests that perceptual presence at any given  
moment may be limited to a single attentional target. We will present  
results from a series of behavioural experiments on the basic dynamics of  
visual attention, which we hope may help to resolve the apparent  
inconsistency between perceptual phenomenology and behavioural evidence.  
First, we assessed the (i) efficacy, (ii) latency and (iii) temporal  
precision with which a single, simple visual target can be encoded in a  
rapidly changing scene. We then investigated the effect on these three  
parameters of attempting to encode a second, simultaneous visual target.  
The results of our studies suggest a two-stage process of perceptual  
buffering and retrieval. In the first stage, integrated perceptual objects  
are activated as traces in a temporary buffer; more than one object can be  
integrated and stored at the same time, but traces within the buffer  
compete for activation and quickly degrade. In the second stage, objects  
are retrieved serially from the buffer for later report. One implication of  
this model is that perceptual access to multiple simultaneous targets is  
possible, but simultaneous perceptual access to multiple targets is not. In  
this seminar, we also hope to provoke a more general discussion of how such  
empirical studies might contribute to philosophical debates about  
perceptual experience and consciousness.

When: Mon 15 Apr 2013 13:00 – 14:30 Eastern Time - Melbourne, Sydney
Where: University of Sydney, philosohy common room
Calendar: Current Projects
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