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Date:               Tuesday 16 April
Time:              1 p.m.
Venue:           Morven Brown 310, University of NSW
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Dr Markos Valaris (University of NSW)

Agency and Control

There is an intuitive connection between the notion of agency and that of control: events that are not under your control cannot be manifestations of agency on your part.  Nevertheless, this paper argues against recent attempts by philosophers and cognitive scientists to give analyses of action based on the notion of control.  By contrast, this paper suggests that the intuitive connection between agency and control should rather be understood in terms of the distinctive teleological structure of action.

Markos Valaris is a Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of NSW. His research focuses primarily on the nature and epistemology of reasoning, both in its theoretical and practical aspects. He has published in Philosophical Studies, The European Journal of Philosophy, and Philosophers’ Imprint, among other outlets.

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