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Title: John Lamont
Language and the extrusion of thought from the mind'


One of Michael Dummett's central claims about the history of analytic  
philosophy was that it began with the rejection of psychologism and the  
extrusion of thoughts from the mind. Dummett endorsed and argued for this  
extrusion, but held that Frege was wrong in extruding thought from the mind  
to an immaterial 'third realm'. Instead, Dummett claimed that thought  
should be extruded from the individual mind to the common institution of  
language, and that as a result thought should be understood as generated by  
language rather than vice versa. This paper has two objects. The first is  
to argue that Dummett was wrong to reject the priority of thought to  
language. The second object is to ask what results from the original  
arguments for the extrusion of thought from the mind, once Dummett's claim  
that thought should be extruded into language is rejected. The original  
arguments that are considered are those of Frege, which are shown to be  
powerful and convincing. Since thought cannot be extruded into language,  
Frege's postulation of a third realm must be taken seriously.
When: Mon 8 Apr 2013 13:00 – 14:30 Eastern Time - Melbourne, Sydney
Where: University of Sydney, philosophy common room
Calendar: Current Projects
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