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Title: Matt Farr
Title: Supertemporal Ontology and the 'Triviality' Problem

Abstract: There is a recent literature concerning whether presentism and  
eternalism are substantially distinct metaphysical theories. This paper  
provides a new perspective on this ‘triviality’ objection by focusing on  
the presentist’s apparent commitment to the change of the present moment. I  
argue that although the current literature focuses on an analysis of the  
concept of existence as employed in the presentist’s thesis, it is the  
concept of change that is key to the problem of triviality. I develop C. D.  
Broad’s suggestion of using a model with two temporal dimensions to model  
the changing position of the present moment, and show that by addressing  
the problem of change in this way, the threat of triviality is avoided. I  
demonstrate this by presenting a range of ‘supertemporal ontologies’ (one  
corresponding to presentism) defined on the two- time model, each of which  
is clearly distinct, and each of which is structurally distinct from  
eternalism. I argue that by using ‘superpresentism’ to provide an  
externalist metaphysics of presentism, free from indexicals, it is  
demonstrable that presentism and eternalism are distinct metaphysical  
When: Mon 25 Mar 2013 13:00 – 14:30 Eastern Time - Melbourne, Sydney
Where: University of Sydney, Philosophy Common Room
Calendar: Current Projects
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