[SydPhil] Philosophy @ UNSW, Tuesday: Susan Hardy and Tony Corones

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All welcome. A lunch is provided:


Date:               Tuesday 26 March
Time:              1 p.m.
Venue:           Morven Brown 310, University of NSW
                        (map reference C20: (1.7MB)<http://www.facilities.unsw.edu.au/Maps/pdf/kensington.pdf>)

Drs Anthony Corones and Susan Hardy (University of NSW)

The Good Speculum? The Question Concerning Medical Surveillance

This paper examines the nature and scope of surveillance medicine through the lens of Martin Heidegger's questioning of technology, and Luce Irigaray's critique of "hysteroscopy" in Speculum of the Other Woman. More particularly, the colourful history of cervical screening in New Zealand isused as a case study of how attempts to control surveillance medicine reinforce and even extend its power to objectivise populations by ordering the at-risk. Surveillance medicine, we argue, engenders an ontologically queer form of "becoming unto risk" that renders the whole population as standing reserve for medical knowledge and productivity. In an odd inversion of feminist activism, advocacy for women's rights in New Zealand has yielded a salvatory medical historiography that brooks no opposition, and enforces faith in medical intervention. That outcome helps illuminate the special kind of "danger" that reclaimed and re-ordered screening practices represent. The apparent lack of credible opposition to the “good speculum” suggests that a conception of “saving” other than that provided by surveillance medicine is sorely required.

Tony Corones and Susan Hardy both lecture in the School of Humanities. The research they have done together examines the intersection between the fields of history, philosophy, and sociology of medicine.

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