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NB Macquarie Cog Science department seminars are now held in the new
Australian Hearing Hub, Level 3. Email me if you need directions.

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seminars for 1st of March - 31st of March
CCD and Cognitive Science department seminars for 1st of March - 31st of

Brain Imaging, the Vegetative State, and Cryptic Consciousness

Speaker : *A/Prof. Colin Klein*, Philosophy Department, University of
Illinois at Chicago .
Date : 12th of March 2013, 4:00PM until 5:30PM
Location : Australian Hearing Hub, 3.610, Macquarie University.

In a 2006 Science article, Adrian Owen and colleagues claimed to detect
residual awareness in a patient previously diagnosed as being in a
persistent vegetative state. The brain imaging methods they used, and other
methods inspired by them, have provided similar demonstrations in a number
of cases since. But what has been shown---and what, if any, conscious
states such patients might actually have---remains obscure. I critically
discuss both technical and philosophical aspects of these experiments. I
argue that any residual conscious awareness in such patients is likely to
be radically, and interestingly, different from our own. This in turn shows
that that the common methodological assumption of a 'spectrum' of disorders
of consciousness ought to be replaced with a more nuanced taxonomy.

Presenter's Website: http://tigger.uic.edu/~cvklein/index.html

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