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Title: Mildred Galland-Szymkowiak (CNRS, Paris and Monash)
Reconsidering Schelling's Philosophy of Art from the Perspective of the  
Works of Art


Between 1801-1807 Schelling’s philosophy of art consists in a deduction of  
all the aspects of art departing from the idea of the absolute (or identity  
of subject and object). Thus it is just the opposite of an aesthetics that  
would take its point of departure, according to the etymology of aisthesis,  
from the empirical, sensory experience of existing artworks. Because of  
this “non-aesthetic” feature, Schelling has been widely criticized for  
confining art to the manifestation of the absolute, and consequently for  
forgetting (or reducing to nothing) the historicity of the work of art as  
well as our concrete experience of art. Art would then be, on this accepted  
view, no more than an occasion for philosophical discourse.

Against this perspective, my aim is to highlight the crucial significance  
of works of art in Schelling’s philosophy of art. I assume that Schelling’s  
systematical viewpoint does not exclude taking into account artworks, in  
their plurality as well as singularity : on the contrary, it requires such  
a consideration and cannot be realized without it. To show this I shall  
rely on a twofold method. On the one hand, I will reconsider the very  
nature of Schelling’s philosophical project at this point of its evolution  
(the so-called identity philosophy) in order to understand the role he  
assigns to our sensory experience of art works, to their individuality as  
well as to their historicity. On the other hand, I will focus on a few  
precise examples to provide an illustration of the nature and function of  
art works in his philosophy of art.

What is at stake here, therefore, is not only a reappraisal of Schelling’s  
approach to art, but a new insight into the meaning of his identity  

When: Wed 6 Mar 2013 15:30 – 17:30 Eastern Time - Melbourne, Sydney
Where: Refectory, Quadrangle
Calendar: Seminars
     * samuel.thomas.baron at gmail.com- creator

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