[SydPhil] Invitation: The Philosophers' Corner presentation- 5 March, 7 pm.

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Discuss the need for faith or dogma. Religion vs philosophy.
Prompted by the Pope’s resignation there will be a presentation about the role of religion in nowadays society and the future that awaits any religion in a still divided world.
Despite the Pope relating to only one religion, and many religious followers who do not relate to this particular one and there being many non-believers who may not even bother about this news, we cannot deny that history has been shaped by the influence of the Catholic religion and it deserves some thinking about its role in society.
The topic of our next presentation will be more related to the relationship between dogmatic faith and philosophy and how they complement or oppose each other.
We prefer not to focus on the social issues that religions in general have been alleged to cause but we will be open to any sort of defense or criticism attendees may be arguing for.

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